My Nigeria, My Agenda

Sustenance of our democracy and the power of the people

Who We Are

Partnership for Issues-Based Elections in Nigeria

The Agenda for Political & Electoral Participation (The Agenda) project is a non-partisan initiative under the Partnership for Issues-Based Elections in Nigeria, a collaborative platform working to promote issues-based electoral campaigns by setting developmental and governance agenda as well as enhancing participatory democracy in Nigeria.

The platform is an assembly of civil society, tech-community, media and political actors drawn from the local, state and national levels. Furthermore, working with electoral actors and development partners to change the election narratives from divisive rhetorics and money politics to that of competing developmental ideas. This will allow the electorates to take informed decisions when voting and empower them with a social contract to hold the winners accountable. 

What We Do

Research and Documentation
Stakeholders Engagement and Involvement
Strategic Communication
Mass Education and Mobilization