Building The Critical Mass for Issues-Based Campaigns in the 2023 Elections

Pre-Launch Dialogue
with Stakeholders on THE AGENDA

Organized by:
Partners for issue based campaigns in Nigeria


As part of the preparation for the official launch of THE AGENDA, a series of activities are scheduled to increase public awareness, mobilize stakeholders and get their buy-in.

THE AGENDA is a non-partisan campaign being championed by the Partnership for Issues-Based Campaigns in Nigeria. This is a collaborative platform working to promote issues-based electoral campaigns by setting developmental and governance agenda as well as enhancing participatory democracy in Nigeria.


Activities leading to the 2023 general elections continue to intensify as political parties and aspirants are engaged in permutations for the party primaries that will lead to the emergence of candidates. In mobilizing support, some have made public their blueprints/manifestos, while others have engaged in monetization by giving out cash, cars, food items among others.

However, the quality of conversation so far on governance and developmental issues among aspirants remains low. Likewise, party delegates, the majority of electorates, public affairs analyst and media are yet to galvanize the needed pressure to set the agenda for the aspirants.

<article>The socio-economic challenges confronting us are enormous with rising unemployment, hunger, poverty, inequality and insecurity. The negative impact of these unpalatable realities and the pragmatic solutions to them should take center stage and define the narrative for the 2023 campaigns.    There is no gainsaying that we are at a crossroad, hence the need to ensure that winners of the 2023 general elections understand the complexities of challenges, have the capacity and competence to address them, posses the credibility and character to remain committed to the security and welfare needs of the people and compassion to ensure no one is left behind.</article>


Convene a multi-stakeholders forum to dialogue on the desirability of issues based campaigns in the 2023 elections.

Brainstorm on strategies to mainstream issues based conversations before and during the elections.

Solicit the buy-in and support of stakeholders to actualize the objectives of THE AGENDA.

Increase public awareness on the launch of THE AGENDA campaign.


The virtual dialogue will feature brief presentations, panel discussions, interactive sessions and adoption of resolutions with commitments by stakeholders.

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